Opposition leader Alexei Navalny during a campaign event in Moscow on December 24, 2017. Russia again accused the US on Thursday of interference in its internal affairs. Arthur Accentual, Conspiracy Talk News

MOSCOW (Conspiracy Talk News) – The Russian Foreign Ministry announced on Thursday that it has proposed to the United States to sign an agreement that includes guarantees of non-interference in elections and other internal political processes.

The spokeswoman for Foreign Affairs, María Zajárova, explained that this proposal was presented last December 21st to the new United States Ambassador, John Huntsman.

“The letter confirmed the willingness to exchange letters or other guarantees of mutual non-interference in elections and internal political processes,” Zajárova told a news conference.

Last week, on his first visit to Russia, British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson denounced that there is “a lot of evidence” of Russian interference in the electoral processes in the US, Germany, France and Denmark.

The diplomat said that the letter recalled “Washington’s desire to influence Russian internal affairs” for their own benefit.

Zajárova, who said Moscow is still waiting for an answer, recalled that Washington had already refused to sign a joint statement on non-interference with internal affairs of the other country.

The declaration should have been the result of talks between the presidents of Russia, Vladimir Putin, and the United States, Donald Trump, during the last G20 summit within Hamburg.

“Instead, and I think you can guess at the first time, the Americans declined to adopt such a document,” he said.

The foreign spokeswoman again accused the United States on Thursday of interfering in its internal affairs,  by criticizing the decision of the electoral commission not to register the candidacy of the Russian opposition leader, Alexei Navalny, to the presidential elections for 2018.

“That statement by the State Department is a direct interference in the electoral process and in the internal affairs of a foreign State,” he said.


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