President Trump tones down the chest pounding and starts to smooth things out with North Korea after pressure from the International community. Tom Fletcher / Conspiracy Talk News

MOSCOW (Conspiracy Talk News) – The Kremlin on Wednesday celebrated the US “constructive” change of tone with respect to North Korea, after Washington was willing to hold talks with Pyongyang on Tuesday.

“We can verify that these constructive statements are much more satisfactory than the rhetoric of confrontation we heard so far. We can certainly celebrate it, “Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov told reporters.

“The main thing is that this is in the sense of the calls of Russia, expressed on several occasions by President Vladimir Putin, on the fact that the war rhetoric and the measures that aggravate the tensions on the Korean peninsula were absolutely counterproductive,” Peskov added.

“Putin is the one who, constantly, calls on the parties involved to do everything possible to establish avenues for dialogue. That is why we are satisfied with such announcements, “said the spokesman.

The United States was willing to initiate talks with North Korea “without preconditions,” although it remains determined to get in any way, including military options, that the North Korean regime give-up its nuclear weapons.

With this announcement by the head of US diplomacy, Rex Tillerson, Washington seems to be relaxing its position on Pyongyang after President Donald Trump threatened them in recent months with “totally destruction” in case of attack by Kim Jong-Un’s regime.

Russia, like China, advocates dialogue with North Korea following a road map defined by both powers.


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