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The informant, Grigory Rodchenkov, has warned that allowing Russian athletes to fly their national flag at the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics on 25th of February would be “a bad decision”.

In an interview with the BBC, Rodchenkov has said that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is facing “the most important moment in its history” when deciding whether the Russian delegation will march under the Russian flag at the ceremony held in Pongong.

Russia has been banned from participating in these games, as the Committee said, because of the systematic doping program at the 2014 Winter Olympics held in Sochi. Despite this, 169 Russians are allowed to compete under the Olympic banner in this year’s games.

The executive board of this committee has postponed its decision regarding February 25th, whether to lift the ban on Russia at the closing ceremony of the games.

Rodchenkov, who was a former director of the anti-doping lab in Russia, has organized the Russian doping system before fleeing to the United States in 2016. After arriving in the US, he has provided this information to investigators.

Russian officials have repeatedly opposed state intervention in doping. The BBC has said it has traveled to a secret location in the US to interview Rodchenkov, who is under American protection. He reiterated his claims that he was only part of a doping system in which the Russian state itself was involved, including Russian President Vladimir Putin and Vitaly Mutko, who was then the acting sports minister.

“Absolutely, I just followed orders. We’ve been a team. The Russian Security Service has been involved when we have to coordinate, “he said.

“Mutko knew everything and he reported to the president,” he said.

The informant added “I know he has reported to Putin, he told me about it”. Putin has repeatedly opposed Rodchenkos’ claims, and last month has described him as a “torollak”, which should not be trusted.

Article Contributed by: Spiro Veneti


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