Senior Airman Diana Cortreras (L) from the 603rd ACS plays the part of a victim of a nerve agent during a simulated attack as Airman 1st Class Sam Key from the 603rd ACS (M) and Staff Sgt. Rachel Lepper from the 31 MDG help the victim put on her gloves for protection during Chemical Warfare class on July 24, 2002, in Aviano Air Base, Italy. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Stephen Schester) (Released)

The failure from UK experts to confirm Russia produced the nerve gas emphasising the obvious absence of facts around the Skripal incident, that appears just like the 2003 buildup to the Iraq World war, ex-Pentagon representative Michael Maloof points out.

The outcomes produced by the shady  Porton Down research laboratory, are really a ” significant development” around the Skripal scandal, past Government official Michael Maloof strongly believes, since these guys once again brought up the question of bringing Russian specialists for chemical substance weapons so as to look into the occurrence. Russia continuously requested the UK to permit its own specialists to take part, however London has up until now always refused.

” So far the West has turned that request down, which indicates to me that they have something to hide. I think if we are going to have transparency on that, if we want to get to the bottom of it, I think experts both from Russia and the West need to get together and come to a resolution,” Maloof informed press reporters.

This individual likewise cautioned against entirely relying on the UK, and went as far as to include other Western intelligence firms regarding the situation.

The Skripal scandal, nevertheless, seems like a part of the wider Western european ” anti-Russian Campaign,” led mainly by United States, that realized it was actually losing ” strategic positions” to Moscow.

Checking out the scandal through this kind of point of view reveals the quick ” conclusions” generated by UK powers, Maloof stated, in addition to the global initiative in opposition to Russia, triggered through only accusations and NO proof of any kind.

” The expulsions and allegations are a part of the general Western anti-Russian approach right now, because they’ve gotten nowhere in some stagnant conflicts … And they are being outsmarted strategically, so this is really worrisome in particular to the United States,” Maloof expressed. ” So this is all a part of the larger package. And they are using this Novichok episode to push that agenda.”

” They need to get the facts and not react to emotion and also the so-called intelligence, particularly after the Iraqi WMD assertion that led to the US and UK invasion in 2003, which turned out to be nothing,” Maloof included.

The previous Government representative claimed Western nations doomed Russia prior to getting any type of facts..

” They´re still holding on to that ´ likely ´ approach, rather than showing the public the evidence that [it] came from one destination or another,” Maloof suggested.


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