Trump Tries To Steel The Show As Russian senator claims US taking credit for Korean Peace agreement

A Russian legislator characterized calls to give Donald Trump the Nobel Peace Prize with his part in the Korean peace agreement, United States trying to hog all the credit with regard to the resolution from a dispute which it has been literally stirring-up for years.

“I see this as an attempt to make the United States an exceptional and only contributor to the ‘Korean turnaround.’ Of course this is not true. If the US has ever played any exceptional role it was their role in provoking tensions on the Korean peninsula and constant provocations aimed against DPRK,” the Seat from the Russian Committee with International Relations Legislator Konstantin Kosachev said to TASS Saturday.

Kosachev included he was really convinced the Northern Korean atomic program was introduced as an answer to various aggressive responses from the USA, and also, the most recent news regarding impending resolution, was the end result from cumulative efforts by numerous countries, including considerable contributions coming from Russia as well as China.

Kosachev likewise mentioned the proposed nomination for Donald Trump to get the Nobel Peace Prize was really like handing the honor to Barack Obama back in 2009.


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