A woman who killed her daughter-in-law in a bizarre black magic ritual says she is going to make her seven-year-old granddaughter her ‘black magic apprentice’.

It was a murder that shocked Russia – in 2014 Valentina Yartseva strangled her daughter-in-law to death, then placed her on a bonfire and burnt her body. She also threatened to place a ‘black magic’ enchantment on her accomplish, if he told anyone about the murder. The murder took place in Zarinsk, in Siberia close to the Kazakhstan border.

Black magic rituals involved with horrific murder

Yartseva was arrested in 2014 and charged with the murder of her daughter-in-law, Natalia. In a further twist, the judge presiding over the case – Natalia Zagnetina – was kidnapped at the behest of Yartseva’s son Alexander. Police rescued Zagnetina, who sentenced Yartseva to ten years in prison. Alexander was sentenced for kidnapping at the same time, and was handed an eleven year prison sentence.

People in Zarinsk campaigned for a lengthier sentence for Yartseva, whom was well-known throughout the town for ‘casting black magic spells’ and fortune-telling using Tarot cards. Despite the protests, Yartseva was given what many would view as a lenient time in prison.

Russian witch wants granddaughter … for witchcraft or money?

At the time Alexander had a daughter, named Anatasia, who was two years old. Care of Anatasia was passed to the murder woman’s mother, Nina Sukhadaeva. Sukhadaeva has revealed that she has received letters and phone calls from both Valentina and Alexander, demanding to see the now seven-year old.

A source has told local media: “This witch [Valentina] has a wicked eye, she is creepy. She needs an apprentice to continue her witchcraft, and she decided to take her granddaughter by any means.”

Nina thinks it more likely that Valentina and Alexander wish to get their hands on the money and property inherited by Anastasia from her mother. With both Valentina and Alexander soon due for release on licence, Nina has vowed to fight to prevent the pair from being awarded custody of Anastasia, and has won huge public backing.


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