Firefighters fighting an eight-storey karaoke bar fire for 5 hours Image: BBC

Vietnam fire in Karaoke bar has taken lives while is burns for more then 5 hours

On the 1st of November 2016, a serious fire incident happened in Vietnam. Nearly 13 people were killed during the blaze in a karaoke bar. The bar is located in the Cau Giay district of Vietnam. The fire took five long hours to subsidize and come under control. Most of the victims suffocated and died due to windowless rooms in the karaoke bar. Amongst the dead were few government workers (11 victims) who were enjoying a blissful afternoon staff party. The victims were partying after the completion of a political training examination. The fire soon seeped into many neighboring buildings causing more destruction.


Inspectors began investigations quickly and started to figure out reasons behind the incident as they examined evidence from the charred building. The site was completely destroyed. There were several burnt motorbikes and broken beer bottles. With respect to extinguishing the fire, several police officers and hundreds of firemen were at the location battling the runaway blazing inferno. Some officers suffered injuries at that time, none fatal. Firefighters found it very difficult to control this beast of a fire. They didn’t have sufficient amounts of water to extinguish the blaze completely. This seems to be the reason burning continued for more than 5 hours. Fuel tanks from nearby cars made the incident even worse.


A food vendor at the sites recalls the incident as a sudden burst of flames within the restaurant. Investigators believe that this fire began from the inside of the bar. As mentioned previously, windowless rooms caused the visitors to suffocate and die. Soon, Nguyen Xuan Phuc, the Prime Minister of Vietnam asked authorities to verify all safety equipment in local bars and restaurant.  More details at


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