Is it a good decision for a man over 60 to fall in love with a woman in her 30's? George Schiavone the Miami Herald

I get tired of hearing the same story: divorced women and widows 50 and older without a partner, and the worst part was with no hope of finding one because the men are after girls 30 years and a little less, but not more than 45 Because after that age, they are already old women!

I have always thought the same thing when I see them in their 50s bragging about their twentieth-century conquests: What do you think? When they reach 70 and over, they will be part of the sad stories of men abandoned by women in the prime of life who do not want a complaining old man by their side, unless the bank account is large.

Why do I tell this? Because this week I was the one who learned the sad story of a former suitor whose bad decision today weighs a lot. He was a very attractive man of almost 60 years when I met him long ago. Sympathetic, witty, with a job where he served women clients. He told them all lies, one after another. I did not escape that. For me he could be the ideal man, but I for him not and I’m not sorry to confess it.

He lived the present, he did not save, he spent it at parties, or buying clothes and expensive watches and walking with young women to show off. That was his life and I was too old for him, even though he took me. If someone fell into their nets, he did not care. If the engagement was with me, he would call me to cancel the appointment five minutes earlier. Conclusion: I was the last person to remember having suffered from love afflictions.

One day, tired of that rude Don Juan and what he said to me: “I do not like to belong to anyone, or that nobody belongs to me,” I decided to never know about him; And so it was, until the other day, almost 10 years later.

We talked on the phone and that arrogant man and womanizer all that was left was a sad and bad luck story. “Two years ago I was out of work for three months I could not perform as before. Things have changed seriously and bad luck haunts me. I was seriously ill and fell in a hospital and, when I was discharged, I slipped and broke my hip again. ”

As always he was a good father, his children came to the rescue and took him to live with them because he had to sell his house, where everything seemed perfect and he did not want to share with anyone. What did I think? karma.

I dreaded the lesson against the pride that comes when we think that youth lasts a lifetime without thinking about the best option for the future. I thought of the pain I felt what it was today if I had the sanity to forget his fondness for the young. Knowing his misfortunes made me reflect on the bad decisions that are made when someone believes that he has God by the beard.

What would have happened if he had thought of his future? He would have had a home where they did not want him for what he was doing, and he would have a partner for the difficult times. Today, our stories are different. I am happy and I feel at peace; And tell you, in case it is your case, think twice.


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