World's First Foldable Phone Samsung X

The widely rumored triple eight phone SMG888NO. has been making brief appearances in the past year increasing the curiosity of the tech geeks around the world. According to the latest reports, Samsung is going to bring out its big guns with the world’s first foldable phone Samsung X or codename “Project Valley”.

World’s First Foldable Phone: Samsung X

Recently, the phone made its brief appearance with a model no. SMG888NO. at the National Radio Research Agency (NRRA) in Samsung hometown South Korea. As per the rumors, the phone is going to be the first foldable phone with an OLED display.

This bendable technology screen has been recently patented by Samsung and it may be brought out soon by the next year 2018. However, this is not the first time that Samsung has shown interest in bendable screen technology.

Flashback to 2013, Samsung displayed its first prototype YOUM with a bendable screen but couldn’t produce any flagship model due to manufacturing issues and later on other conflicts including financial restrictions, CEO troubles, explosive phones and more.

Now, with a stable Galaxy 8 and Galaxy Note 8, Samsung has geared up to introduce the world to a new technology that will be a luxurious high-end gadget.

Hybrid Tablet That’ll Fit Right In Your Jeans Pocket

Moving further, not much is known about this mysterious phone. But if hushed tones are to be believed, the phone is said to be a flexible model designed to become your smartphone or a tablet as per the user convenience. More so, you might just get the Bixby Button on Samsung X as well.
Samsung X

The recent patent filed in South Korea strengthens the claims of a new bendable phone in the making.

Looking at the flagship smartphone’s past appearances, it came into highlight with its Wi-fi and Bluetooth certification back in July.

Love it or Hate it: Bixby Button on Samsung X

Many people loved it while some hated it. Love or hate, there is a high possibility that you’ll have Bixby button on the 2018 launch Samsung X. Bixby button was a new addition to Samsung phones that came into sight first with Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 8.

Bixby is a handy button that lets you call the digital assistant with one simple press. Samsung has shared its plans of bringing Bixby to other smartphones as well. So, it won’t come as a surprise when we find Samsung X embellished with it, just as well.

Major Question: When will Samsung Release This Phone?

Samsung has shared its passion for bendable screens and foldable phones since 2013. While users have been disappointed for the past 4 years, Samsung X appearances in NRRA and other certifications strongly hint on a release by 2018.

Koh Dong-jin, the Mobile Chief of Samsung stated the current goal for the Samsung X launch to be next year. However, they are currently facing some hardware issues with the manufacturing of the bendable OLED technology that might push the launch even further.

“As the head of the business, I can say our current goal is next year. When we can overcome some problems for sure, we will launch the product.”, Koh Dong-jin stated.


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