Although its causes remain a mystery, Samsung is convinced that batteries were the main cause of the technical problems of the smart mobile phone Note 7, which had to be withdrawn from the market because of the risk of fire.

According to Reuters, the South Korean firm will announce the findings of its investigation on January 23, one day before the presentation of its economic results for the previous quarter. And in the report will finally blame the batteries used and not the design of the device as they claimed in the past. A company investigation initiated soon after suspending sales tries to clarify the true causes that caused the Note 7 to catch fire.

The reason it has been concluded – according to preliminary findings – is that the battery used in this model of device presented a series of technical failures difficult to detect in the manufacturing and assembly process.

Currently, the largest phone manufacturer tries to clean up its image and eliminate the stigma of insecurity – which accompanies it from Note 7. And for this, in addition to recognizing the technical failure and blame a component such as batteries is preparing to launch real soon the new Galaxy S8, its future flagship.

Analysts further believe that Samsung should offer a “convincing” and “detailed” explanation of what went wrong in Note 7 to prevent such problems from recurring if it wants to restore consumer confidence.

“They have to make sure they are sincere and have to reassure consumers why this will not happen again,” Bryan Ma, an analyst at IDC, said in a statement.


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