Galaxy Note 7 explosion

Shortly after discontinuing the production of Galaxy Note 7 in October 2016. Samsung is all set to launch an investigation to identify the root cause of the Galaxy Note 7 explosions.

It was initially thought that the battery was at fault, after which the company recalled its initial batch of Galaxy Note 7 units and started selling it again with the batteries from another supplier. But when the phones exploded again, the company had to discontinue their device production altogether.

The investors and analysts have also said in a statement that it is critical somehow for the company to identify the root cause of the explosions in order to rebuild the trust of their consumers.

Expectations at CES 2017:

Samsung finally takes its spot at the CES stage next year. This is said to be the company’s first public appearance after the nightmarish days it spent while answering the questions and apologising for the Galaxy Note 7 explosions.

During the CES to be held on January 4 to 8, Samsung is expected to introduce its brand new model, the Galaxy S8 and might drop certain hints about the Note 8 too.

Customer Reviews After The Note 7 Explosions:

Well, it is easy to say that the company’s repo is said to be left in tatters. The consumers are also feeling wary about the device’s trustworthiness. but the company still managed to maintain the trust and loyalty among the customers.

For instance, despite of the combined efforts of the company and the U.S federal agencies to pull out the device from the hands of their customers, Galaxy Note 7 remained a popular high-end device.

What’s Next:

Samsung is all set to introduce its forthcoming device Galaxy S8, the flagship of which is filled to the gills in terms of rumors.
Shhh… the murmurs says that it will be manufactured under the Y-OCTA technology process, the same ones which was used in the manufacturing of Note 7.


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