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Any fresh International sanctions for Iran will definitely have an unequivocal impact with the nuclear agreement struck among world powers, Iran’s deputy foreign secretary stated Friday, according to state networks.

” In case some European countries are following steps to put non-nuclear sanctions against Iran in order to please the American president, they will be making a big mistake and they will see the direct result of that on the nuclear deal,” Abbas Araqchi explained, as mentioning by state press.

” It’s better that European countries continue their current action to persuade America to keep its promises in the nuclear deal and for that country to effectively execute the deal in all its parts with good will and in a productive atmosphere.”

Araqchi’s remarks were actually a response to a review in which Britain, France as well as Germany have suggested new EU sanctions regarding Iran’s missiles, and also the part they play in Syria’s conflict, trying to encourage Washington to maintain the 2015 atomic agreement with Tehran.

Iran consented to restraints for its atomic program in trade for lifting some sanctions as a component of the bargain. However, top Iranian representatives have consistently claimed their rocket production is never up for discussions.

The proposition becomes part of an EU technique used to conserve the treaty executed through powerful nations which for now, curbs Tehran’s capability of create weapon of mass destruction.

Trump provided a final notice to the International signatories on Jan. 12th.

It pointed out that these guys need to consent, and “fix the terrible flaws of the Iran nuclear deal” – that was already agreed under his predecessor, Barack Obama – or they will choose not to extend United State Of America sanctions already imposed upon Iran.

“In the event that the U.S.A. withdraws from the arrangement, then the nuclear deal or even talks will definitely be finished”, Araqchi pointed out, as mentioning by a statement released from Mehr News organisation on Saturday.

“If America exits the deal,  and unilateral sanctions return, we will definitely not continue the deal because it will not serve our interests,” Araqchi was actually quoted saying.


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