Google and the United States Air Force are responsible for tracking Santa. (Conspiracy Talk News)

Santa and his bright red nosed reindeer, Rudolph, already started from the North Pole on their journey through the world to deliver love and gifts to children.

The world trip of Santa began in the countries of the South Pacific Ocean and will continue through New Zealand and Australia.

Guided by the distinctive red nose of his famous reindeer, they will continue to visit children of a number of cultures. He will cross the continents of Asia, Europe and Africa, before entering the Atlantic Ocean and finally arriving at midnight in Puerto Rico.

You could hear a great “ho, ho, ho” when you approach the Borincan houses, being so careful as not to wake any children. His magic is used so that on Christmas morning children fill the homes with laughter, shouting and much joy.

This is what he has done year after year, for many centuries.

The potbellied old man has many names.

He is known as Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas or simply Santa.

He wears a red and white suit, as well as a white beard.

Santa’s history is mythical.

But he has always stood out for his kindness, his love and his detachment for his neighbour. So much so that he was declared a saint by the Catholic Church. It is Nicolás de Myra , his real name, was bishop of Anatolia, Turkey, for the fourth century.

Nicolás gained fame as a gift delivery man

They say that he secretly gave gold coins to three women who were old enough to marry. It is alleged that he entered through the windows of the houses and placed the money in the stockings that hung in the fireplace to dry in the heat.

Traditions have changed and have been coupled over the years. But all the festivity coincides with the nativity or the birth of the child Jesus.

Before, nobody knew what his route was. But, now, with technological advances, both Google and the United States Air Force are responsible for following Santa’s trail.

If you go to see where this saint walks, you can also find information about the North Pole, the countries he visits and the elves that help him.

You can also entertain yourself with Christmas games, listen to music and read books. Venture and be part of this journey through the world second by second.


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