A school in San Jose de Saramuro, Peru was forced to closed recently after many of its students were sent into a hysterics after participating in a ‘black magic ritual’ involving attempts to contact the deceased.

A total of twenty-seven students were treated for hysteria after experimenting with a ouija board. The board – along with a book dealing with black magic – was brought into the school by a daughter of one of the school’s teachers.

Teachers enter classroom to discover children acting hysterically

The staff at the school were alerted when they heard strange noises coming from one of the classrooms. Upon entering the room they were stunned to discover several students undergoing an hysteric reaction. Some were spasming wildly, while others were groaning in an incoherent fashion.

One of the students took video of the incident, which has now appeared online. The video shows a female student screaming and convulsing as teachers attempt to calm her down. She was filmed swearing, sobbing and yelling “It’s all your fault!”

Parents refuse to allow their children to return to school, visiting church instead

Once information about this incident leaked out, rumours began to circulate around the tight-knit San Jose de Saramuro community that the children involved in the event had been possessed by Satan himself.

Parents of children whom were not involved in the incident refused to allow their offspring to attend the school in the wake of the event. Many took them to local evangelical churches in order to expunge their children of whatever demonic entities had possessed them.

The school suspended classes for a week while the incident was investigated. It is understood that the school has now re-opened and that all students affected by this paranormal incident have been able to return to their classes.


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