Scientists say it will not be a meteor that ends life on Earth but Nibiru. Archived Photo. Conspiracy Talk News

SCIENCE (Conspiracy Talk News) – A group of scientists have warned that there are many adverse things against humans that could cause the species to die soon.

One of the most intriguing topics for any human being is knowing when the so-called end of time will arrive , which for many is the end of the world, and around this issue have emerged several apocalyptic predictions, being the most popular today, that of the famous shock that is expected to happen very soon between “Nibiru” , the famous “Planet X” and the Earth, which would be catastrophic for any living being.

Although various institutions, including NASA, has come to deny on more than one occasion that this collision will occur, the fact is that despite the scientific and medical advances with which the human race has been able to extend the average life, there is a more serious problem that seems to be the one that will definitely destroy our species.

A group of American scientists have sent an alert to the National Academy of Sciences of this country, where they have set a date when the Earth will be uninhabitable for people and other mammals.

They say that Planet Nibiru will end the Earth in 2018

“Beyond the current climate problem , any growing technological civilization that lives on a finite planet will face limits and consequences for growth, while enduring self-induced or existing threats that combine with time,” these scientists describe.

According to the data of these scientists, it will be impossible to survive on this planet between the years 2200 and 2400.

In addition to global warming, these scientists have detected other “threats” against humanity, and they are: the nuclear winter, the deceleration of demographic growth, a pandemic, the impact of asteroids, as well as catastrophic failures of future technologies such as artificial intelligence .


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