The Bermuda triangle has gone through so many conspiracies. Many flying objects have gone missing near the Bermuda Triangle. Well, this makes the spot much more interesting and a real wonder. Few days back, experts came up with a new theory. They believe that deadly blasts of dense air can cause planes and ships to crash. This could be the answer to the mystery behind the Bermuda’s triangle. Here is a quick overview through recent findings.

The Numbers

The Bermuda Triangle stretches across 500,000 This stretch in the North Atlantic Ocean is responsible for many planes and ships that went missing over the past few decades (or centuries). Scientists believe that the deadly triangle formed by a hexagonal group of clouds. In these clouds, air blows at a speed of 170 mph. This speed is sufficient to crash ships and bring huge plans down. These clouds are visible at the western edge of the Bermuda Island. They span across 20 to 60 miles. Dr. Steve Miller a scientist at the Colorado State University believes that these edges are not straight. In most cases, the clouds are disoriented and randomly distributed. This is why some planes and ships escape the Bermuda Triangle.

Special radar cameras and satellites were used to figure out what happened in these clouds. This was when strong sea level winds (170 mph) were measured. The winds are very powerful and can create waves that are as high as 45 ft.


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