Seats that increase the cinematic experience

The cinematic experience competed with Television, VHS, DVD, and, more recently, streaming, for decades forced the owners of these establishments to look for innovative ways to attract viewers. 

According to the firm Box Office Mojo, the sale of tickets in 2017 in the United States and Canada – the world market – fell by 5.8%, although the cash register did not suffer significantly due to the increase in the average price of the ticket ( 3.2%).

The firm is based in ​​Montreal. 

It was founded in 1992 by Philippe Roy and Michel Jacques. In the beginning, they manufactured loudspeakers and amplifiers. 

However, they found that their knowledge in acoustics and electronics could be useful to enter other areas of entertainment. Thus, they dedicated several years of research to the systems for the seats, first to incorporate them into video game machines and later for the film industry, which was the most important objective.

In 2009 they installed the first mobile seats synchronized with screening in two rooms in Los Angeles. 

The first movie that had movement codes for D-Box was The Fast and the Furious. Currently, about 190 tapes have these codes for display in theaters, as well as more than 2,000 in different formats (DVD, Blu-ray and streaming) for those who have a D-Box seat in their homes. 

In the visit to headquarters of the company, several demonstrations show the capacity of these devices to transmit emotions like (surprise, vertigo, fear). “Our technology can be enjoyed in different genres. 

It is not only designed for action movies. It is also available in animation stories for children, film classics and musical comedies.


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