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This time, the criticism was from John Paul Stevens, a retired judge of the United States, who said that, to definitively diminish the violence and the massacres, the Second Amendment of the Constitution should be removed, which is what allows the carrying of weapons.

US President Donald Trump spoke today in one of his morning sessions on Twitter, on the forceful opinion of retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, in which he affirmed the need to eliminate the second amendment in the United States, which allows citizens to carry fire arms.

The US president said today that he will “never” will repeal the second amendment of the Constitution.

The retired judge referred to the law as “a relic of the eighteenth century”, and whose elimination could mean a decrease in attacks and violence in the country, an opinion that stoked the flame of the debate on access to weapons in the US, two days after the 800 demonstrations in different cities that were organized in favor of greater arms control.

In the text, Stevens said that he hardly remembers an event of such magnitude for that cause. In addition, he urged other judges  to promote laws that “prohibit the carrying of semi-automatic weapons and to increase the minimum age to buy a weapon from 18 to 21 years and to establish more exhaustive background checks for all firearms buyers” .

Those measures, according to the judge, are positive but not sufficient as he said: “The protesters should seek a more effective and lasting reform. They should ask for a repeal of the Second Amendment. ” Such a reform would make “students more confident than they have been since 2008 and honor the memory of many of the victims of recent armed violence.”

However, Trump’s position seems to be different

In another of his tweets, the president opposed the words of Stevens and said: “Although the Democrats would like to see this happen, and despite the words of yesterday from the former Supreme Court Justice Stevens, no way. We need more Republicans in 2018 and we must always keep a larger number of favorable judges in the Supreme Court! “

The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, originally adopted in 1787, is the main argument favored by Americans favorable on fire arms, who consider this to be a part of the national identity of the country.

However, the past violence does not seem to favor this position

In fact, so far this year, 33 incidents with weapons have occurred in US educational centres, including events without injuries, according to data from the organisations for Gun Safety.

The last mass shooting in the US occurred on February 14th at a high school in Parkland (Florida, USA), after a 19 year old, Nikolas Cruz, opened fire in his old school with an AR-15 assault rifle, with which he killed 14 students and three teachers.


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