Secretary of the Colombian Consulate in the Dominican Republic Captured Google image labeled for reuse

In the middle of the hearing against former senator Felix Salcedo, the judge indicated that another person who had participated in the migrant trafficking network was already captured.

This is Eliana Yasmin Serrada, second secretary of the consulate of Colombia in the Dominican Republic.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, the official was the one who issued visas for foreigners as part of the illegal services offered by the criminal enterprise.

The General Prosecutor’s Office asked a judge of the republic to send former Senator Salcedo to detention.

The was also requested against the lawyer Paula Andrea Parra and the artist Jair Pabón. In all three cases, the Prosecutor’s Office indicates that they are members of a criminal gang that sent migrants with false documentation to several countries.

All three were prosecuted on charges of migrant smuggling, conspiracy to commit a crime and falsehood in a private document.

The Prosecutor’s Office said that detention “is appropriate, necessary and proportional, is not an exaggerated measure (…) The sacrifice of those individual interests of the accused that involves a restriction of this type, is compensated with the interests of the State that represents society, the protection of the community and the process, “said the Fiscal Delegate of the case.

In the development of the judicial proceeding, the accuser presented telephone interceptions by former senator Felix Salcedo, in which he is heard speaking with the leader of the criminal organization, Jose Armando Guaman Miranda:

Felix: I was about to call you
Guaman: Tell me my doc.
Felix: I have to personally comment on one thing, I can not send any more letters, a friend of mine who was there in the ministry gave me a tip that I helped him get in there.
Guaman: Ah already.
Felix: I do not know what happened, but they are investigating me over there, I do not want to have problems.
Guaman: Oh my doctor.
Felix: What I can do, I do. But that I do not have to leave that kind of documents, I can not leave them, they are evidence against me.
Guaman: Not my doctor, then we will send other letters, from another place, other people. The question would be that you recommend me nothing else, I do not know if you can call and recommend.
Felix: That’s different, unless you record it to someone, who knows if they will record it.
Guaman: I do not think they record. But we could recommend and make another experience to someone who does my doc.
Felix: Ah well, let’s talk personally and make a strategy about that.
Guamán: Yes, you just recommend nothing more.
Felix: That I can do.
Guaman: You only talk, no more my doctor, we take care of the rest. Better so that my doctor does not suspect.

The hearing was suspended until 3:00 in the afternoon so that the representative of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the defense could present their arguments in accordance with those stated and requested by the Office of the Prosecutor.


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