Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin received a Christmas package containing horse feces at his residence in Los Angeles, as well as messages critical of the recently approved tax reform, authorities confirmed today. 

Los Angeles Police Sgt. R. Briggs reported that they had received a suspicious package in front of Mnuchin’s house in the exclusive Bel-Air neighbourhood, so agents of the department travelled to the site, and opened opened, in addition to the horse feces, there was a Christmas card addressed to Mnuchin and US President Donald Trump, and a negative comment on the tax reform approved this week.

On Friday, Trump signed his ambitious tax reform, which includes notable tax breaks for companies and, to a lesser extent, for workers.

Mnuchin was one of the promoters of tax cuts and was at the forefront of negotiations to move forward the reform in Congress.

The Treasury secretary, who now lives in Washington, worked as finance chief of Trump’s presidential campaign and previously headed the Dune Capital Management investment fund that produced several Hollywood blockbusters.


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