Super Bowl between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots in Minneapolis will be seen by millions

MINNEAPOLIS – Costs for each 30-second ad during the 52nd Super Bowl game , which will be played next Sunday at the US Bank Stadium  in Minneapolis , will increase the original $5.05 million to 6 .

At least that is the latest data offered by a report by Ashley Rodriguez , , and the reason given is that more and more people have stopped having cable television service .

Therefore, the television audience that advertising has reached throughout the season has been lower than in previous years and only an event like the Super Bowl can maintain it.

The information published by Sportsnaut , Tim Calkins, professor of marketing at the Kellogg School of Management , indicates that “a large part of the media is fragmenting into ever smaller audiences.”

“So if you want to reach a lot of people, the only way you can do that is through the Super Bowl … because it has the combination of a large audience and a group of people who want to see the publicity. 

That’s why it’s so expensive to place a commercial in the biggest sporting event of the year in the United States. “

On Sunday , February 4, Super Bowl 52 will take place between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles at the Minnesota Vikings field .

Last year the Super Bowl was watched by 111 million people, according to the same report, recording the fifth most watched broadcast in the history of television.

In comparison, the biggest television event last year was the Oscar Awards ceremony, which, according to reports released after the event, was seen by 33 million viewers.

The musical artistic half-time show has also become the most watched segment of the Super Bowl and hence the importance of placing advertising.

Precisely, this year the artist responsible for acting at halftime will be the American singer Justin Timberlake , whom both the NFL and support groups to the decorum in the media have asked him to be respectful during his performance.

Specifically, a group of television content watchers has politely and respectfully asked Timberlake, who is in Minneapolis, to keep his Super Bowl show ” safe for children who watch it .”

In an open letter to the artist, aired on Tuesday, the Parent Advisory Board said it hoped it would not repeat what happened in 2004 when Timberlake removed part of the costumes of the singer Janet Jackson leaving part of the chest of the American artist exposed .

The same singer who 14 years ago , at Reliant Stadium in Houston , now NRG , starred in the controversial scene in Super Bowl XXXVIII , which the Patriots won 32-29 to the Carolina Panthers.


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