Who’s Marilou Danley, a sweetheart of Las Vegas Nevada shooter Stephen Paddock?

Danley was visiting the Philippines during the time of this assault. This woman came back to the United states of america Tuesday evening and was immediately met by the Los by Federal bureau of investigation agents inside the Airport Terminal for questioning.

Danley and Paddock frequently gambled alongside, his brother and friend explained.

Government officials informed Conspiracy talk News  that just “before the actual shooting at this Concert in Vegas, Paddock relocated a great deal of cash – nearer to $100,000 – to an individual inside the Philippines, quite possibly his own significant other ( Girlfriend )”.

Vegas Shooter‘s Brother: I’m not sure Just what pushed Him Over the Edge

Eric Paddock explained after weighing in what has transpired in the last several days, he at this time, believes that his brother might have been attempting to plan for Danley to get in to another country prior to caring-out this massacre.

“We predict some breaking insider information will be coming from the woman soon,” Clark County Police Joe Lombardo explained. “She is now an individual of great interest to us.”

Additional information also have surfaced with Paddock, the gunman.

From ’76 to ’85, Paddock previously worked U.S. govt jobs: being a mail carrier with the U.S. Postal Services, an agent with the Internal Revenue Service as well as an auditor for U.S. Government’s Defense Contract Audit Bureau, in accordance with the Office of Personnel Managing. More to follow.


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