Spain and its most robust and profitable district will be going to a showdown, with law enforcement attempting to shut down polling areas to halt this referendum along with activists, college students and parents taking up educational institutions specified as voting sites try to ensure that they’re wide open.

What Does the Government have to say you ask?

Catalan government bodies have promised to make the voting doable regardless of whether or not police try to stop them, working on judges’ instructions, the police seem to be closing polling areas and close off ballot containers. Some 5.3 million individuals are qualified for vote in the community, considered one of 17 in Spain.
Then there’s the perplexing.

Catalonia’s authorities, or Generalitat as it is termed regionally, assures this vote will occur. Nevertheless, an appropriate political election campaign continues to be noticeably missing.

With youngsters back in the home for the weekend break can educational institutions swiftly develop into voting areas, or are they going to continue to be shut down, people are asking?

Where Do We Go Now?

Catalan police remain caught between a rock with Spanish court docket orders to prevent this public vote and a hard place of Catalan nationalist needs for this to go forward. It just keep getting deeper and deeper, some feel it will lead to head butting standoff sooner or later.

If law enforcement officials or police, literally prevent individuals from voting, will this kind of action preserve the general public order or perhaps motivate trouble within the streets of its people?

In Catalonia, referendum coordinators requested voters to show up at 7 a.m. local time in front of the polls opening up at around 9 a.m. to try to beat the police to the punch as they say.

“We need to coordinate it to ensure that there are actually lengthy lines to provide the impression around the world that we’re gonna vote,” recommendations delivered to voters by it’s planners explained.

Just Remember This, for Everyone’s Sake

“Act in a very peaceful manner and don’t react to any kind of provocation, from other citizens or even by cops,” the directions read and passed on to potential voters, remember, the World is watching.


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