Donald Trump aborted Pompeo's N Korea visit soon after antagonistic letter

SINGAPORE After the historic summit between President of the United States ,Donald Trump , and the leader of Nort h Korea, Kim Jong-un , the Republican gave a press conference over an hour, during which He told details of what happened inside.

The first thing the president said is that it was a meeting “sincere, direct and productive , ” which was focused to the nuclear program of the communist regime, which North Korea agreed to . According to the president, Kim agreed to a “complete denuclearization of the peninsula that will begin very fast.” “There are no limits to what North Korea can achieve if it abandons its nuclear weapons,” he said.

Likewise, Trump indicated that Pyongyang promised to destroy a missile test site, apart from the one collapsed days before the presence of the international press, and that to achieve it the United States did not have to give anything in return. He even reiterated that sanctions against the country will not be lifted until nuclear weapons “are not a factor”.

However, he did speak of abandoning the military exercises directed against North Korea, claiming that they accentuate tensions, something that will allow “saving an enormous amount of money”. In addition, he warned that last week he stopped 300 new sanctions because it would be “disrespectful”. “We will end the war games,” he said, adding that they are “provocative and inappropriate.

Although initially the international media anticipated that the human rights situation was not going to be on the table, Trump confirmed that the North Koreans in the prison camps are the “big winners” of the day and he was confident that Kim will do the right thing. “I trust Kim,” said the Republican in a sentence that seemed to leave aside the denunciations that fall on the regime, accused of crimes against humanity.

In fact, Kim is suspected of ordering the murder of his brother with a toxic agent, the execution of his uncle with a firing squad and of being responsible for the death of the American university Otto Warmbier, who spent 18 months in prison in Korea North and died shortly after being released. But Trump did not notice it although he said: “Otto did not die in vain.”

The compliments continued: Trump highlighted the leader’s ability to govern the country, invited him to visit the White House , was hopeful that the Korean War “will end soon” and was encouraged to talk about the beginning of a friendship.

“As the story shows, opponents can become friends, only the brave ones get peace,” the president said while asserting that the meeting brought “a message of hope” and a “vision of peace” for the world. The United States is “ready to start a new story” with North Korea.


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