Sofia Vergara seen almost nude in Women's Health Magazine, image provide as Courtesy from that publication

In a poll they asked a bunch of men: What would you like to see Sofia Vergara disguised as on Halloween?.

Many responded that she should be Eve, after seeing her on the cover of Women’s Health, where she appeared totally naked in her 45 April! But she could also disguise herself as Reina Mida the star of Modern Family, earned $ 41.5 million, making her the highest paid actress on TV.

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According to Forbes magazine, the Colombian who led the list for the sixth time.

In an interview with Lee Cowan, it became clear that her beauty took her to the top, but her sense of humor, intelligence and work have kept her there.

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“I have worked very hard since I was 20,” said Vergara, who announced her partnership with Renata Black, to create the EBY brand (Empowered By You), a line of underwear that helps fund microcredit so women can start their own businesses.

“It used to be that films are the prestigious ones and that television was more the junk food, but that’s not true at all anymore.They are definitely on equal footing,” Paul Verna, eMarketer’s chief video analyst was quoted as saying to Forbes.



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