Photo taken on October 31, 2017 of Koichiro Iizuka, whose mother was abducted by North Korean agents in 1978

Koiziro Iizuka is familiar with her simply as Yaeko-san, the gorgeous young lady that smiles inside a photograph and about who family members only talk about.

He was just Sixteen months old and was inside a childcare facility within Tokyo together with his 3-year-old little sister, in the late seventies, awaiting for his mom to return and get them.

The woman never showed up

Yaeko Taguchi was at that time 22 years of age when the girl had been kidnapped by North-Korean agents back in June of 78. Evidently this young female was going to get the kids, right after leaving her evening employment, which she did in order to support the youngsters given that she became an early mother and divorced.

The son had been adopted by Taguchi’s brother, Shigeo Iizuka, and the young girl was adopted by the auntie.

A 1 / 4 of a century passed by before the location regarding Taguchi had been identified, after many years of denying it, that N. Korea government finally confessed it had kidnapped at least 12 Japanese individuals.

Iizuka, today is a 40-year-old computer programmer and would like President Donald Trump to know just what happened with the family members of the hostages as he meets a number of those officials responsible within Tokyo japan on Mon.

The Japanese have denounced that Northern Korea kidnapped any individuals in the Seventies as well as Eighties. however, those kidnapped were conditioned and prepare as future spies and began learning all the Japanese traditions and vocabulary, to enable them to pose as Japanese people and to eventually spy on South Koreans.

Pyongyang finally confesses that it did kidnapped at least Thirteen of them, which includes Taguchi, and it has permitted 5 of those to travel to Japan, even though they remained within Japan rather than going back to North Korea. North-Korea affirms the other 8 have passed away, and no other hostages came back..


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