Stewart Lieberman is an approved space agent. He is certified by Virgin Galactic to sell space vacation packages as soon as the journey to outer space is approved operational.

“You need to be clinically fit and cleared with a physician,” said Lieberman who finished 5 days of Virgin Galactic coaching at the Kennedy Space Center within New Mexico.

Exclusively travelers between the ages of 18 plus 80 years old are only allowed.

“You can’t merely board the space ship even if you have the cash to pay for this,” stated Leiberman that works as a local travel agent with Protravel International.

That is because a 2 hour round trip trip can cause black outs in the intensive pressure with acceleration and speed on the way towards auterspace and back. Traveling 63 mls away above our earth and circling it for 3 hrs before gliding back to the planet.

Even though a realistic look at space tourism is still a couple of years away, Virgin Galactic has reportedly revealed prices at $250,000 for each person but there has never been any space travel booked as of yet.

“Currently, space companys are operating with temporary experimental permits, which indicates they can’t accept any kind of paying passengers just yet,” said Eric Stallmer, chief executive from the Commercial Space-flight Federation.

An additional space tourist business known as XCOR has currently sold over one hundred and fifty advance tickets.

“We operate with re-usable engines, low toxicity fuel and our space crafts stop and start capabilities like a industrial aircraft so you can fly multiple times a day from an authorized spaceport,” said Jay Gibson, CEO with XCOR, a developer and producer of extremely re-usable rocket motors and spacecraft.

The ride is an min 40 minutes on their Lynx space craft plus Gibson estimates the $150,000 space-ride for all of the individuals that presently have paid for as much as $75,000 in advance as a deposit might be completed in one yr as soon as the very first commercial flight is launched.

No scheduled times for initial flights are set just yet but there’s steady interest.


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