Space X Rocket Launch

This coming Tuesday, the well-known company SpaceX will be attempting to launch the highly anticipated and awaited rocket into the orbit. While many think that this launch is going to be a success, we think otherwise. There are chances that the rocket might not even make it.

That’s what the CEO and founder of the start-up Elon Musk said when he was asked about the anticipated rocket, termed as Falcon Heavy.

Knowing About The Falcon Heavy

The CEO mentioned in a particular conference that there are some really good chances that the rocket won’t be able to make its journey to the orbit, which is a very pessimistic thing to say, considering it is his own space start-up.

There are many industry experts who could not agree more to that comment. The astronautics professor at the MIT, Paulo Lozano made the comment on CNN Money about the rocket Falcon Heavy. He said that although the rocket has got some powerful operating systems, the design of the rocket is what poses some great challenges ahead.

He said that

“Every time you fire a rocket engine, there is a probability that something might go wrong”.

The amazing rocket Falcon Heavy is equipped with a striking number of engines, 27 to be precise. Lozano commented that only one faulty engine is enough to cause a disastrous result and cause damage to the rocket. He also added that the rockets such as this one aren’t really easy for ground testing. This means that a test flight can be the only option to check out the flaws. This can be risky as the rocket can get explosive as well.

However, there is one thing that is relieving. It is that there are no expensive satellites or humans that are put at risk for the launch of the rocket. It is just for the inaugural flight.

The Risks Associated With The Space X Rocket Launch

The risks of the launch of Falcon Heavy are truly alarming though, the launch could end up harming the entire launch pad if the rocket tends to explode very close to the area.

The entire launch pad could get decimate with such an explosion. Everyone is hoping that the rocket at least makes it far away from the pad so that it cannot cause damage to it. This alone would be a win for the team.

The Reason Behind The Pad’s Importance

The reason why the SpaceX want to save the Pad 39A from the damage of the rocket is that of the amazing walkway. It is capable of hosting the different flights of the new spacecraft of SpaceX, also known as the Crew Dragon.

This particular spacecraft is the company’s baby which will assist NASA to ferry the astronauts back and forth the International Space Station.

It is not known to many, but the Project Crew Dragon has gone through some delays in the launch as well. However, if the pad gets destroyed, it would mean that the deadlines for the project will be pushed even further.

This would be a serious discomfort to NASA.

The United States of America as not got a particularly worthy spacecraft ever since the retirement of the Space Shuttle program happened in 2011. The government and the space stations put their faith on the Russian Spacecraft for the travelling between space stations.

However, the entire arrangement is guaranteed till 2019.

NASA mentioned that SpaceX is very near to launching the first amazing crewed mission this year in the month of December. However, the chances of that depend on the longevity of the PAD 39A. If it gets damaged during the launch of Falcon Heavy, then the entire project could get damages.

The Reputation Of SpaceX

The Falcon Heavy really puts a lot at stake regarding its launch. Yet, some might think that Falcon Heavy, in case it explodes will bring loss to the company, the overall results will not be that negative.

From the explosion, SpaceX can gather the information and data that is valuable and build a better model with the help of that. Since it is just a test, the word ‘failure’ won’t even be announced by the company. However, the critics might have some things to say if the explosion occurs.

There can be some political events hidden apart from the technical glitches as well.


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