Spanish police arrested a Moroccan boxing trainer suspected of leading a cell that distributed propaganda, recruited Jihadists  and recruited militants for the extremist Islamic state group, authorities said.

The man arrested in San Sebastian in the northern part of the country was linked to another suspect detained in the French city of Strasbourg on November 20, the Interior Ministry said in a statement.

The suspect shared an apartment with a third subject to which he radicalized and, according to the authorities, sent to Turkey for training from the EI group to carry out attacks in Europe. That third member of the cell was arrested in Morocco. The three had met in San Sebastian, police said.

According to the officials statement, Monday’s detainee resided in Spain and had been active since 2010, using his job as a boxing coach to indoctrinate and recruit young people for the jihadist cause.

Spain has detained a total of 181 people since mid-2015, when it raised to four out of five the level of terrorist alert after a series of attacks in France, Tunisia and Kuwait.


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