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Police State America is using ‘secret’ ministers, teachers, social workers to spy on us!

According to a NJ.com article, the FBI/DHS are enlisting clergy, social workers and mental health professionals to counsel (spy on) troubled people who voice support for terrorism. They’re calling this group of spies “Shared Responsibility Committees” (SRC).

The FBI and DHS have led forums in NJ and even launched a social media campaign warning about terror groups like ISIS, environmental extremists and sovereign-citizen movements. In other words, they’re attempting to vilify anyone speaking out against the government.

Police are ‘secretly’ using priests, social workers and doctors to spy on us.

SRC members, must sign confidentiality agreements, and can’t consult outside experts on treatment plans. Police are using “secret non-disclosure agreements” to spy on our cell phones and now this. Having ministers and doctors sign ‘secret’ agreements to spy on us, is this some sort of sick, perverted joke?

But wait, it gets worse.

Law enforcement is also allowed to pose as clergy, social workers etc.

“The church and faith community are now being faced with the reality that the government is sending IRS agents pretending to be members of the clergy into Christian meetings, gatherings and services for the distinct purpose of the government “spying” on them said Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, Director of the Christian Defense Coalition.

Unfortunately, churches spying on members is nothing new, last year I warned everyone that “Churches were paying the gov’t up to $100 a month to spy on families!

The gov’t hopes the money churches donate to spy on parishioners will be used to support a regional (spying) supervisor in the future.

“The service is free for the state and instead relies on donations from enrolled churches. The suggested monthly rate of $100 would eventually support a regional supervisor to mediate between churches and the department.”

And if they doesn’t turn your stomach, churches have begun using facial recognition to spy on their members.

“I can tell you in general that churches also don’t like to be described as privacy invaders,” said Churchix CEO Moshe Greenshpan.

He went on to say… “Most of them would like to keep this confidential. We try to encourage churches to make Churchix more visible, so it will become like a checkpoint for registration…”

Police want our family and friends to spy on us.

At each [SRC] event, officials urged people to call police or a friend, family member or community leader if they notice suspicious behavior, while acknowledging people’s wariness about calling police if it meant a troubled family member might be jailed instead of helped psychiatrically. The option of intervention, rather than arrest, was meant to ease those worries, but the FBI official cautioned that it’s an option only in less serious situations.”

Schools and community leaders are spying on us.

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The teams would get cases from local police or community leaders, who may get their tips from family, friends or school staff. The teams would advise the FBI about whether a person who has been subject to their intervention is rehabilitated or if they believe law enforcement needs to take action.”

The FBI has instructed high schools across the nation to report students who criticize government policies and have “twisted beliefs, values or ideologies”.

Police want people to report on “SOMETHING” that doesn’t seem quite right!

“Maybe you have noticed something that doesn’t seem quite right or you are worried or scared about what this person is saying or doing.”

This is BEYOND ABSURD, now police want Americans to report on “something that doesn’t seem quite right” and report on what people are saying? Does law enforcement think the Bill of Rights is a worthless scrap of paper?

The FBI report also instructs students to watch out for anyone expressing “government mistrust.” and to consider reporting it to “someone you trust,” like police officers and FBI agents.

DHS/Police are also using “Community Engagement Roundtables” (CER) to spy on everyone. Click here to read how CER’s have become law enforcement’s latest propaganda machine.

Why do Americans continuously allow our government to adopt UK police state tactics?

In the UK a similar program, began as a voluntary arrangement between community organizations, high schools, and law enforcement. But it has since become compulsory for all public sector agencies, said Arun Kundnani a lecturer on terrorism studies.

Below are a few example of what happens to freedom when clergy, doctors etc., spy on citizens.

Nazi Germany had a close relationship with the Catholic church. Click here & here to read more. The RussianNKVD,KGB and the East German Stasi all used doctors, teachers, basically everyone to spy on citizens.

Last year, I warned everyone that Churches were conducting “Holy Ghost pat-downs” and conducting mass shooter drills.

Police State America has invaded churches and places of worship in America. Churches now join private companies, schools, colleges, sports stadiums, malls and hospitals that are conducting active shooter drills.

On a FEMA webinar last year on protecting houses of worship, the chief security executive at The Potter’s House, the Rev. TD Jakes’ megachurch in Dallas, gave tips about behavior that should raise concern, such as a congregant arriving in a long coat in hot weather. If needed, church greeters could give a hug and feel for weapons, said the executive, Sean Smith.

“I call it the Holy Ghost pat-down,” Smith said.

We’re traveling down a dark path, where doctors, teachers, and clergy are secretly encouraged to spy on Americans.

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