The United States and Russia could discover a quick and easy way out from this deadlock with Syria, if ever these guys just talk with one another. 

Russian International Ministry representative Maria Zakharova strongly believes, still, should Washington start an attack, Moscow is going to back up its own people.

During a conversation with Sky News Thursday, Zakharova emphasized that Moscow & Washington must never permit the strains over Syria to spin in to a direct battle on the ground.

Asked about the chance of Russian and American blood being spilled as a direct result of a US-led armed response, Zakharova pointed out, that Moscow and also Washington must find ways to avoid this kind of a face-off and the likely devastating repercussions.

We’re living in 2018, we possess all kinds of communicating methods, such as Trumps favourite tool, Twitter.

We can easily deal with all of the issues – simply by grabbing the telephone, simply sending out messages, TALK – “I believe this is something which ought to be resolved through correspondence but never by means of force,” the Foreign Ministry’s representative explained.

Zakharova restated that Russia definitely will protect its own people on the ground if rockets begin flying.

Talking about previous claim by Moscow’s agent to Lebanon, Alexander Zasypkin, cautioning the Russian armed forces reserve the right to stop inbound rocket and also attack launch sites in the event of an assault. Zakharova stated that the envoy’s words should be taken to heart and know that Russia will definitely not desert its people.

” I would stress one more time and that was the idea of our ambassador in Lebanon as well, that Russia will protect its people on the ground. It’s obvious,” Zakharova informed reporters.

Shooting down the analogues of the 1962 Cuban missile crisis, that left the planet on the edge of a nuclear war, they argued that times have certainly changed. ” I just want to remind you one more time it’s 2018, it’s not the middle of the 20th century,” she said, adding that in a time of instant communications there’s no reason ” why people who are in charge of our security and international peace can’t talk.”

“Russia does not look for praise”, just “authentic co-operation on the battle against terrorism”, Zakharova pointed out, reacting to United States President Donald Trump’s latest twitter update.

The USA commander in chief lamented the US-led anti-terrorist initiative within Syria was truly underappreciated. “Where is our ‘Thank you America?'” he published.


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