The goal of literary criticism , and therefore of reviews, is to guide the reader . 

When writing a review, the critic must include in it those aspects of the work that he considers relevant when it comes to persuading (or dissuading) the reader to approach reading.

Obviously,  writing a good review is not an easy task : there are many elements of the work that the critic must assess, must also be related to previous readings and take care to issue a judgment that maintains the balance between objectivity and subjectivity.

But, in addition, you must do all this by writing a review that is attractive to the reader . That is to say, that the first thing that the critic must achieve is to interest the reader in his own review, to have him read it to the end, so that he can fully know his assessment of the work reviewed.

How to write a review that awakens in the reader the desire to read it until the end? Here we propose several ideas.

Respecting the internal structure is essential to make a review.

A review is a short text that usually appears in periodicals providing a critique or opinion about a book, a movie or any other topic.

They are basically descriptive and informative texts that present a novelty or an element of interest to a specific audience. 

Many times, writing a review is not easy because, although we can have a lot to say, the review can not exceed two or three pages

Contextualize and present the theme . 
Place it in a particular field, for example, literature, cinema, painting, sports, etc.

Define the aspects you want to highlight : narrative technique, the development of an event, the plot of a movie, the style of the author, or whatever.

A brief personal judgement or honest opinion highlighting the positive or negative aspects . 

It is important to include the references consulted, to validate the article and place the analyzed work in time and space .
Good criticism must be directed towards the fulfilment of those precepts.  

The changes that are occurring now, offer literary criticism an unprecedented opportunity to be an integral part of the lives of readers. 
While the volume of available titles or subjects increases, the ability of publishers to highlight specific titles diminishes, critics may be the ones who shape what they read.

However, your work should always be, honest and opinionated.

Here is a link to a website that has mastered some of these techniques and already reviewed some interesting topics, take a look here.


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