No-Shave November is just around the corner, and a number of men have stopped shaving this month already to raise awareness of cancer.

Why do they stop shaving and how is that related to cancer awareness? Well, cancer treatment which happens to include chemotherapy often results in hair loss.

By choosing to grow their facial hair, men send a statement that we often take for granted, yet others find very precious.

This November, Beard Care Products is challenging men to grow beards and keep them – not only for cancer awareness but for many reasons.

Today, men have become more and more conscious of their appearance to the extent that they have become very insecure.

A beard is a wonderful way to gain back that sense of self-esteem and self-respect. A sign of masculinity that hearkens to a bygone age – yet fits just as well in today’s world.

Just ask the 80% of millennials that sport some type of facial hair and you’ll see why.

However, that’s still not the only benefit of growing a beard

Sustainability is another perk of keeping a beard. Think for a moment about the most precious natural resource we have – water – without which living beings would not be able to survive.

As the population of the world continues to grow and our sources of fresh, clean water continue to become less and less available, saving water will become a top priority.

Foregoing a shave saves 5 gallons of water

If you multiply that by the number of men who shave everyday – think about all the water that will be saved.

Talk about saving – not only money but time. Productivity is another benefit of growing and keeping a beard. You’ll save more than a dozen hours per year by hanging up the razor for good.

Since products like beard conditioner can be applied quickly – even in the shower – that’s a massive gain of time especially in our time-pressed world. An extra day of vacation for every year of your shaving life that you can put to better use.

A beard has so many health benefits as well – most prominent among them would be that it helps protect your skin from UV rays.

Men’s Journal mentions that according to a study conducted by researchers in Australia, they found that a beards can reduce between 50-95% of the UV rays. That’s built in sunscreen for you.

So this November, hang up that razor for good and get that facial hair growing – you can do it.

Keep in mind, that it’s all for a good cause, raising awareness of cancer.


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