“#GoHillary” became the trendiest topic in Twitter this week! Strangely, social media saw a lot of awakening comments to Hillary’s emails. On Friday sources claimed that the FBI came across few interesting, fresh emails about Hillary Clinton’s private server for sending and receiving mails. Throughout the weekend, news about these emails and the private server took new cycles. Indeed, it dominated all social media networks.

Donald’s Words

Though Donald Trump had very few positive news, his supporters found a fishy side to “Go Hillary”. They considered the hashtag as an artificial trend. Trump himself found the hashtag interesting and started to tweet. Here is one of Trump’s tweets regarding “Go Hillary”: Wow, Twitter, Google and Facebook are burying the FBI criminal investigation of Clinton. Very dishonest media!

The start of #GoHillary

Unfortunately, the truth behind “Go Hillary” is very different. The hashtag was first used by “Jennifer Lopez”. She sent this hashtag after her performance at a Clinton Rally. The rally happened on Saturday in Miami.

Twitter opted to stay silent to Donald Trump’s response. The company has chosen a unique way of listing trendy topic. Conversely, it denied the manipulation of top trends. Twitter reported that all top trends are picked by a special algorithm that favors new phrases and hashtags.

The hashtag “Go Hillary” was tweeted by Jennifer Lopez and became famous in a few short hours. Nearly 300,000 tweets used this hashtag and that is how it made the list of top trends. No conspiracy, just popularity.


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