Summit With Kim Jong Un – President Donald Trump had a meeting with the vice-chairman of the Central Committee of North Korea, Kim Yong Chol, at the Oval Office in Washington.

The meeting culminated in the decision of reigniting the possibilities of the two leaders meeting in Singapore this month.

The meeting was abruptly called off by President Donald Trump last month because of nuclear threats and diplomatic pressure which Pyongyang was putting on the USA and the Trump Administration. Kim Jong Un explicitly stated that no number of meetings and agreements with America will ever result in North Korea giving up its nuclear weapons.

Despite calling the meeting on again, President Donald Trump was adamant on highlighting how there is no definite certainty that the outcome of the meeting will be what the officials want. “I never said it goes in one meeting” was a statement issued by The President right after the meeting summed up. He highlighted further that the meeting will be a stepping stone for the two to “Get to know each other better”.

In the past, the North Korean administration has been accused of being a rogue nation by the US government time and time again, and there was no possibility of the two entering into such confidence-building measures. By that logic, the effort input by Donald Trump is one of its kind in the US, but will it pay off?

Donald Trump has confidently stated that the end result he hopes for is to end the 70-year long war which has been pursued as a proxy war between the USA and many opposing nations.

Kim Yong Chol being invited into the Oval office was another gesture of how this may be a decisive effort in the hostile history the USA has had with North Korea.


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