The marines themselves, with their fighting spirit, are the best weapon. US Marine Corps

SUPER BOWL – The Navy Commercial , titled “The call of a nation” is a new promotion in the campaign “Battles won” premieres in the Super Bow, and is aimed at young people who aspire to be recruited in the Navy of the United States and the people who influence the decision-making of these young people: parents, teachers, coaches and community leaders.

This is the latest recruitment announcement published under the “Battles Won” strategy, and opens in the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Showing the power of the United States Marine Corps participating in an assault mission.

The mission featured in the recruitment announcement shows a fifth-generation operation by the Marine Corps, defined by the Marine Corps commander, Gen. Robert B. Neller, when he said: “Fighting and winning against emerging competitors will require an ‘Infantry of fifth generation ‘Marines capable of competing in technological domains, as well as in the traditional kinetic sands of air, sea and land. After 15 years of counter-insurgency and stability operations, ‘we have to focus on the capabilities required for close competitors’, including cyber-war, information warfare, electronic warfare, unmanned air and ground systems and robots, “said the high-ranking officer. Marina on January 12, in the National Symposium of the Navy Association.

As the Marines move towards the target, each layer of ships, tanks, armored vehicles, planes and helicopters is eliminated, until only the Marines remain.

This visual story, in combination with the voice-over, will communicate and emphasise to the audience that, when the nation faces any battle, the marines themselves – with their fighting spirit – are the biggest weapon in the arsenal of the United States Marine Corps.


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