Countless number of students and locals gather to protest Article 155 in central Barcelona.

The Supreme Court of Spain rejected on Thursday the request of the regional government of Catalonia to defer the application of measures proposed by the Spanish Government, which include the intervention of Catalan autonomy.

He said: “There is no democracy that receives the attacks that we are receiving.”

“It is such an abnormal situation, with such great aggressiveness that is creating an unusual scenario in Europe.” he continues to say.

The Catalan regional government today registered before the Supreme Court two appeals that sought the annulment of the agreement from the Council of Ministers last Saturday in which the central executives proposed measures to implement Article 155 of the Constitution.

The government headed by Mariano Rajoy proposed the removal of regional president of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont and his executive, limiting the powers of the regional parliament and calling for elections within a maximum period of six months.

These measures are being processed in the Senate, where they will be expected to be validated tomorrow, since the governments Popular Party has an absolute majority in the upper house.

He said: “The only democratic solution to the current impasse is to suspend repressive measures and to organize a referendum so as to determine the true wishes of the population concerned.”

“Such a referendum should be monitored by the EU, OSCE and private observers including the Carter Center.” said the spokesperson.

The appeals also called for the provisional suspension of that agreement before the Senate began processing the case.

The Supreme Court warns that the act of the central executive appeal is an “initiation of a constitutional procedure”, which “at the moment has only begun” and therefore “has no legal effects” .

On the other hand, the Spanish Constitutional Court today refused to admit or accept any petitions for proceedings before the Senate to process the measures invoked by the Government, which were presented by the senators of ERC and PDeCAT, the two parties that form the government coalition in Catalonia.

The appeal was filed in defense of the political rights of senators, but the Constitution observes “the non-existence of a violation of a fundamental right protected under law.”

This brought on hundreds of university and high school students to demonstrate this afternoon in central Barcelona in protest of the application of Article 155 and to ask for the release of Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Cuixart and to proclaim the independence of Catalonia, people have concentrated on the Palau de la Generalitat where they protest about the possible announcement of regional elections.


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