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The Syria war frequently looks like a big complicated confusion yet one aspect which is seldom discussed might be the key to unravelling the tug-of-war.

A number of experts revealed that a lot of the major players have one factor in common: a billion-dollar natural gas pipeline.

Factor that in and all of a sudden the war starts making even more sense, here’s just how this works:


Many have asked about the reason why Russia ended up being pulled in to the Syrian battle, yet frequently fail to notice or even talk about the GAS PIPELINE.



Just before the civil conflict, 2 contending pipelines were built, through Qatar as well as Iran intended to carry natural gas to Europe via Syria.

Qatar’s plan of actions were initially started back in 2009 and entailed constructing a pipeline coming from the Persian Gulf by means of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria and also Turkey.

The natural gas field situated 3000 metres underneath the floor of the Persian Gulf is really the biggest all-natural gas sector on the planet.

Qatar possesses about two-thirds of the resource, however, cannot capitalise from it completely because it depends on tankers to move the product to various other nations making its own natural gas a lot more costly compared to Russia’s.

It was believed the pipeline will offer less expensive accessibility to Europe, however, Syrian Leader Bashar al Assad chose not to permit the pipeline to proceed through his land.

Many strongly believe Russia pressed him to turn down the pipeline in order to protect its own business enterprise.

Meanwhile Iran, which have a much smaller share from the Persian Gulf natural gas field, chose to build its own personal competing pipeline for $10 billion dollars, intending to supply Europe through Iraq as well as Syria, and after that, underneath the Mediterranean Ocean.

All of these plans of actions evidently had Russia’s blessing.

Lots of nations supporting or opposing the war against Assad are connect to these very same pipelines in one way or another.

Qatar is thought to have financed anti-Assad revolutionist organizations by $3 billion dollars in between 2011 & 2013.

Saudi Arabia has already been implicated of financing terrorist groups and funding the WAR against Syria.

Iran, was thought to be assisting Assad by operating the Syrian military, providing it with firearms as well as soldiers.

Rob Taylor, a trainer in the United States Army’s Command along with General Staff College published in the Army Journal last year saying that “the competing pipelines might be guiding the friction within Syria.”

” Viewed through a geopolitical and economic lens, the conflict in Syria is not a civil war, but the result of larger international players positioning themselves on the geopolitical chessboard in preparation for the opening of the pipeline,” he mentioned.

As of 2003 the Iraq Conflict has been connected to oil within the Persian Gulf, the Syrian War could end up being all about natural gas.


Among the regions which has a great deal to gain from eliminating Assad would be Turkey.

Turkish Head Recep Tayyip Erdogan been vocal in asking for the Syrian Boss to step down and also has been implicated for assisting Islamic State, something it always denied.

Even though Turkey might have additional good reasons for maintaining the revolutionists within Syria, like Assad’s back up for the Kurds, Harvard University Lecturer Orenstein informed reporters that “natural gas will absolutely be the reason for bringing down the  the Syrian regime.

Turkey, that stands at the crossroads with Asia & Europe.

Being a center, Turkey will gain from transportation charges as well as various other energy-generated incomes.

Qatar’s plans placed Turkey in the middle of its own plan of action.

Being one of the regions depending on Russia for natural gas, releasing it from this particular reliance would certainly be an added incentive.

Yet none of that could be realised if the pipeline sidestep Turkey and also if Assad ends up being instrumental in authorizing  another option which does not include it.

Since Russia is intervening to assist the Assad regime within Syria– potentially so as to safeguard its personal supremacy with the natural gas market — Turkey is dealing with a tough obstacle to its own ambitions.

” I doubt there is much basis for US-Russia co-operation due to opposite interests in gas issues and Iran,” he said

However, the entire world is confronting a brand-new Cold War, Professor Orenstein strongly believes it’s a lot more like a “free for all”, using the battle over gas as merely one other fuel to start a WAR.


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