Ted Cruz

“It was not me and it isn’t going to happen again” – Ted Cruz on Twitter Trouble

Before Midnight on Monday, Sen. Ted Cruz liked a hardcore p**n video from his official twitter account. The video posted by twitter account has been the rounds on Internet for over a year now.

What’s With the Video Clip Anyways?

The two minutes and twenty seconds video features the infamous actress Cory Chase, her fictional stepdaughter and an eccentric young man. While the video was first posted on Reality Kings website in 2016, its clips started doing round on the Internet.

But we ain’t curious about that!

It became a trending sensation when this video was found liked by Sen Ted Cruz on his official Twitter Account (@tedcruz)

“People use Twitter to look at p**n all the time” – S*x Therapist

According to S*x Experts, there is a possibility that Cruz wanted to get off the heat with a little view on Twitter. Surprisingly, the main actress in the two-minute clip resembles Cruz’s wife Heidi as well.

It won’t come as a shock to find the likes of Ted Cruz and other married men looking over for steamy content at sites like Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram. After all, these sites are least likely to be searched over by their spouses.

So, Twitter isn’t a terrible option after all.

However, Ted Cruz Says Otherwise and Blames a “Staff Member”

On Wednesday, Senator commented on the whole mishap as an “honest mistake”.

According to the Washington Post, Cruz stated, “It was a staffing issue and it was inadvertent, it was a mistake, it was not a deliberate action. We’re dealing with it internally but it was a mistake, it was not malicious conduct.”

While the Texas Senator didn’t reveal the name of the staff member he told that the person felt terrible.

“It’s been good for our business”. – Kyle, Owner of the steamy video source account.

While the video has over 2 Million Views, association of Ted Cruz name has put it on the top trending list.

“Follow for the Same P**n @TedCruz Watches”, reads the new banner on the video source account.

Ted Cruz Likes S*x on Twitter

Ted Cruz : Media and the left are obsessed with s*x

On being immensely trolled over the “genuine staffing error”, Cruz pointed out how the media and the left are so obsessed with S*x.

“ It’s an opportunity for knuckleheads in the media to claim, ‘Oh, isn’t this ironic that Cruz wants to ban these things.’ People ought to be able to do what they want in their own bedrooms.”

Well, we’re glad he brought this up.

Dated back to 2007, as a solicitor general for Texas, Cruz defended a State law banning the sale of s*x toys.

For this he wrote a 76-page brief stating that people don’t have the right to stimulate their genitals.

However, in the light of event, he agreed that it was a stupid law.

And thankfully, it just wasn’t passed.

While the air has been cleared on the matter now, you can login to twitter for the continuous trolling that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere for a while.


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