Ryland Ward Thew 5 year old Taxes shooting Victim still recovering in Hospital. Archived Photo / Conspiracy Talk News

A 5 year old boy still recovering In Taxes Hospital – Every end of the year we take time to look at the highs and the lows we went through, and we thank God for surviving.

One hard to forget nightmare happened on Sunday, November 5th in Texas. A gunman opened fire at the congregation at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, killing 26. It was a dark day. But the story of a young boy who survived the shooting is one that inspires hope. Five-year-old Ryland Ward was shot five times, and he lost his mother and sisters. Despite all that he is recovering steadily at the San Antonio hospital.

Ryland’s aunt gives a poignant description of how she found him clinging to a bench after the morbid incident. His mother, Joann Ward and sisters Brooke and Emily were all dead. The aunt says Ryland was in deep pain. There were bodies and blood everywhere. What this five-year-old saw is tantamount to what soldiers see in the war in the Middle East. Ryland’s father Chris Ward has a sobbing story too, He ran to the church after hearing news of the shooting, to find his family wiped out. He says he didn’t think Ryland would pull through as he was airlifted to hospital.

Even more disappointing is the fact the perpetrator of this hatred, Devin Patrick Kelley was a former Bible Study teacher. How could he embrace so much darkness? As it happens, this Kelly had been fired from the US Air Force after he assaulted his wife and child. His wife says they had always lived in constant fear of him. Honestly, we can’t help to think that his pattern of violent behavior should have alarmed the authorities long before things went out of hand.

Kelley had a troubled past of not only domestic violence, but also sexual assault and animal cruelty. He was mentally unstable, and obsessed with guns and hosting. We might go and on about what could have been done to prevent that massacre. We can start the debate about guns and license, but all that will just dampen our spirits this time of the year.

Tony Fountain of NOW Entertainment says we should focus on sharing the love with Ryland and his family this festive season. The recording label felt the need to contribute to the family. Ryland’s family is determined to fill his hospital room with cheer, and you can help with that.

Ryland’s father and grandmother say Ryland likes getting Christmas cards and pictures of other children with their pets. Well-wishers far and wide are sending in their gifts to this energetic young boy, and you can be part of that too. Send your card; the family asks you to include just $1 in each so they can buy Ryland a go-kart. But we all know you can afford more than that.

2017 has been a bad year for gun violence in US history. As we enjoy sometimes with our families, let’s take a moment to think about victims of mass shootings this year. Some of them have lost more than we can ever imagine. Some of them have seen horrors too grim for their young souls. Think about Ryland Ward and send him a card. Address the cards to:

Ryland Ward

P.O. Box 174

Sutherland Springs, Texas, 78161

Alternatively, you can make your contribution at https://www.gofundme.com/yqv5x-hospital-bills-for-my-cousins-son. Do that today, and you will have a merry Christmas


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