Police Officer Shot Dead By 19-Year-Old Freshman

Lubbock, Texas: A Campus Police Officer was shot dead in Texas Tech University, Lubbock by 19-year-old tech student and a freshman identified as Hollis Daniels. On Monday night around 7:45 PM, the campus police conducted a student welfare check and found evidence of drugs and drug paraphernalia.

Hollis was brought down to the campus police station and was being processed to send to the authorities when he brought out a gun and shot an officer in the head killing him on the spot. He then ran away on foot and was later captured by the police two hours later.

What Events Led to The Shooting of Texas Tech University Police Officer

  1. On Monday evening, the TTPD did a welfare check in the campus and found evidence of drugs and drug paraphernalia in the suspect’s room.
  2. He was later brought to the TTPD, campus police station and being processed for further investigation when he pulled a gun and shot the officer in the head killing him.
  3. Later he fled the crime scene on foot and the whole campus was locked-down with an active shooter on the run.
  4. The students were informed to “take shelter” via social media.
  5. Around 9:28 PM, the suspect identified as Hollis Daniels was found and arrested near Joint AT&T Stadium.
  6. The lockdown was removed shortly after the arrest and the classes will resume Tuesday morning.

“Earlier this evening, Texas Tech police made a student welfare check. Upon entering the room, officers found evidence of drugs and drug paraphernalia. Officers brought the suspect to the police station for standard debriefing. During this time, the suspect pulled a gun and shot an officer in the head. The officer is deceased.”– A Statement issued by the School Authorities.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Offered Condolences to the Officer’s Family and Declared State Law to Help Investigate the Fatal Shooting

Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued the following statement after the fatal shooting occurred in Texas Tech University.

“First and foremost, our hearts go out to the family of the police officer killed at Texas Tech University. I have spoken to Chancellor Robert Duncan to offer my condolences, and I have mobilized the Texas Department of Public Safety to offer any assistance to the Lubbock Police Department. As the Texas Tech campus deals with this heartbreaking tragedy, Cecilia and I pray for the continued safety of the students and the entire community.

Words can’t express how saddened I am by the tragic loss of one of our Texas Tech University police officers tonight. Terri and I offer our thoughts and prayers to the officer’s family and the Texas Tech University Police Department. I would like to thank Governor Greg Abbott, Lubbock Mayor Dan Pope and all of the law enforcement professionals from across the area who supported our campus during this time of need. Our Texas Tech family is strong and will support each other as we grieve.”

Gov. Abbott has offered state law enforcement resources to support the campus and TTPD for investigating the fatal shooting and offered his condolences to the bereaved family of the Police officer.

The identity of the Officer has not been revealed impending family intimation.


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