A California mother, Jessica Allen, gave birth to twins in 2016 as a surrogate. Little did she know that one of the infants was her own.

Such cases are known as superfetation, and they are rare. To date, less than 15 cases have ever been reported. Jessica served as a surrogate for a Chinese couple and gave birth to twin boys in December 2016.

In a recent post in her personal column, Jessica reports she was asked to pay a sum between US$18,000-$22,000 to get back custody of her son, Malachi. “We had spent the bulk of our earnings from the deal, but now we are apparently to part with a huge amount of money for something that belongs to us,” Jessica remarked.

“I was utterly disgusted by the fact that the agency was looking for guardians to adopt him. The couple was alternatively thinking of putting our son Malachi up for adoption since legally, they were his parents,” Jessica added.

The mother of two made a deal to carry a child on behalf of a Chinese couple in 2016. The two parties had agreed to do so through an agency, Omega Family Global, at a fee not exceeding $35,000. An obstetrics ultrasound revealed she was carrying twins and it was thought that both the babies belonged to the Chinese couple.

The babies were quickly taken away after delivery, and hours after the delivery the biological mother got a photo of the twins. Allen noticed something was not right. The babies had different skin tones. “Their skin tones were totally different. One was much lighter than the other, one looked full Chinese, the other did not look Chinese at all, and from this, it was very clear that one of the babies might have been mine, but I did not ask,” remarked Allen.

Weeks later, the Chinese mother called Allen again and reported that one of the babies continued to look different and that she had doubts it belonged to her. Allen and her husband eventually took a confirmatory DNA test, and it turned out the baby was indeed theirs.

Allen and her husband, Wardell Jasper, have since been granted full custody of their son Malachi.


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