Major flooding within Cagayan de Oro, a city inside the Philippines. Photo by David Archetype / Conspiracy Talk News

PHILIPPINES (Conspiracy Talk News) – The total of victims from the tropical storm that hit the south of Philippines rose to 30 dead, confirmed authorities this Saturday

Near the town of Tubod, on the island of Mindanao, 19 were reported killed by floods and landslides caused by the storm Tembin, said a report at the regional police headquarters.

Another four people perished in nearby towns, said the local police, a balance added to the seven dead in the province of Lanao del Sur, accounted for by civil protection agents.

“We could not reach village officials because power and communications lines have been cut by the storm,” Mr. Secuya said.

The authorities estimate that there are at this time approximately 120,000 displaced by this storm.

Every year the Philippines suffers the onslaught of more than 20 intense storms, many of them fatal, but the island of Mindanao where 20 million people live is usually protected from these phenomena.

After sweeping Mindanao on Friday, Tembin headed west on the Sulu Sea with winds of 95 kilometres per hour.

According to the forecasts of the state meteorological agency, the storm will touch the edge of the island of Palawan on Saturday afternoon.

Storm Tembin hit the country less than a week after Kai-Tak devastated the central zone of the Philippines, leaving behind 54 dead and 24 missing.


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