The Thin Win, The Thin Line!

As November 8 approaches, polls in the US have become hotter and interesting. According to recent polls, Democrat Hillary Clinton is more likely to win the race over Republican Donald Trump. The fight between them is very tight and it is quite difficult to make accurate predictions. There are many challenges for the pollsters. First of all, there is historic unpopularity for both the presidential candidates.

The Numbers

Polls that were collected and analyzed by revealed that Hillary Clinton beats Donald Trump by 5.4% points. There are vague point differences of 13% and these make Clinton head straight for the win. On the other hand, Donald Trump believes that the polls and results are rigged. He accused social media and other organizations for tilting the polls. Unfortunately, Trump doesn’t have adequate evidence to prove these claims.

The number of voter turnouts in the past few decades has been around 60%. Since both these candidates show poor popularity, the number of turnouts this year may drop down to 52%. This is based on a statement Cliff Zukin (professor of political science at New Jersey Rutgers University) made on Wednesday.

The Poll

“Polling” is believed to have a negative effect on the voters. Many sociologists claim that the polls have reduced the chances of projected winners by making their supporters extra confident about the win! This means, Donald Trump has chances of winning the race too! Likewise, the results will differ if Trump supports turnout more than Clinton’s!


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