Visiting North Korea for 5 days was more than enough time to realize that Country is as strange and messed up as I suspected it was.
Lets say you combined the USSR controlled by Stalin, with the historic China Empire, combine the actual Truman Show and after that combine the entire thing into a Holocaust-esque, you’ve got present day North Korea. Are you getting the picture yet?.
OK, Lets continue. Bottom line is that It’s a dictatorship of the highest order, a new cult with personality over and above whatever Stalin or even Mao might have dreamed of, a nation as sealed off to the entire world and as deceptive and secretive as any country on the planet, holding the world as it’s citizens totally in darkness in relation to each-other at all times, a genuine hermit empire. Just before I discuss the things i discovered, I’d want to quickly say-hello to whoever is with or in the North Korean administration that is actually looking over this post.
Just the top-level administrators have legal access to the world-wide web inside North Korea at any given time, and i also discovered that the task of one of those, is always to search the online world for anything and everything mentioning North Korea, keeping an eye on just what the international mass media is saying.
Therefore hi there, as I’m LMAO, you can’t get me anymore, because I’m home and i will say everything I was not permitted to say while i was visiting your messed up-country.
Given that I’ve just jinxed myself to some sort of assassination, let’s begin-
The commanders are a seriously huge FKN deal there.
That’s not really a powerful enough assertion. They’re the only deal. They are the big 3:


1. Kim Il Sung (1912 – 1994)


2. Kim Jong Il (1941 – 2011)


3. Kim Jong Un (1983 or 1984 – and still stirring S**t up)

A country Based On Lies


Government entities lie to external community. The govt lies to its people. The media lie to their people. The people lie to one another. The guides lie to travelers. It’s intensive and none stop.

These lies vary from major points that North Korean propaganda authorities hammer away things like, the United States is getting ready to strike North Korea, the media describes South Korea as being strangled by the United States which occupies its land.

North Korean media speaks about North Korea as being envied around the globe with the finest quality of life, to very small lies, like when we met a soldier at one time who told us he was a colonel in the army, shortly after this individual left, one retired military major in my tour informed me he had researched North Korean military uniforms and this soldier was basically just a captain.

Truth is not really a major factor with the formula within North Korea.

Therefore, it may genuinely wreak havoc on your head being a visitor. I’d find myself trying to puzzle out if North Korean is in on it or not. Was these people actually thinking, “I know this is untrue, you realize this is untrue, however i was right here and so i have to take part in the game”? Or perhaps were the people completely programmed and believed they are saying the truth? It had become impossible to know.
In the course of interactions, I’d find me personally pondering, “Are you an actor or actress within the Truman Show, so you think I’m actually Truman? Or do you think you’re Truman and I’m one of many actors?” Are those children on the road just acting, playing just for my benefit? Is any one of this actually real? Am I even real? How messed up is that?

A Recipient For Disaster

It keeps pointing me back to the Glory days of Adolf Hitler and his propaganda machine, working its brainwashing magic. yup, scary stuff, and for good or bad measure (you decide) we throw in President Donald Trump in to the equation.
Article submitted by Jeff Bras-bridge and is solely an Opinion, based on his findings.


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