We all know a conspiracy theorist. It may be that kid from school for posting photos of chemtrails on your Facebook wall, or one of your uncles, listening to alternative radio stations and thinks that Obama is a reptilian wearing a suit of human skin.

It is easy to laugh at them and congratulate ourselves for being smarter than them, but in doing so we are neglecting something important: they are winning.

Yes, it is time to take seriously the conspiracy theorists, but not for the reasons they want to do it.

According to surveys of the time, just after JFK was assassinated, 52% of people thought there was some sort of conspiracy at stake. They were the ark 60 s, of course, and then we did not have access to our iPhone to instantly find to disproof of any conspiracy theories, with simple explanations as the “magic bullet”. In the next fifty years, we have greatly increased the number of university graduates in the population and, as you know, magically all human knowledge has been placed within the reach of almost everyone at any given time.

As a result, the fifty-two percent of believers … amounted to a fucking 61%.

That means some of you who are reading this text, you believe in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy.

But we are not here to insult you. It just means that you heard about the conspiracy theories but not that experts long ago proved false information maybe. That’s the point: all the information is out there, but like many of you, the only one I have had access to was the one that is not supported by any evidence.

And the same happens everywhere. Thirty-seven percent of Americans think global warming is a hoax perpetrated by a conspiracy of at least 30,000 scientists cooperating behind the scenes being part of a secret agenda.

And then we have approximately 20% of the population that forms the hard-line faction, and will believe virtually any damn thing, since the US government staged the September 11 attacks, to the existence of a conspiracy to hide evidence that we are visited by aliens.

And then there is the 28% who believe in a conspiracy that encompasses all others, and that is the existence of an elite group of people control all events that occur in the world, from wars in the Middle East to the writing of this article.

All of us are mere puppets. And here’s a video explaining how Beyonce is at the center of this plot:

The ironic part is that the video above reveals a far more horrible truth that some Zionist bankers created dark conspiracies and that the record label Jay-Z: the fact that access to information really does not make us smarter.

During the September 11 attacks, for example, the BBC reported on rumors that the building 7 World Trade Center had collapsed, while the building was clearly visible in the background (collapse half an hour later). It was a simple misreading of a report, but experts conspiracy, was proof that the BBC was part of the staging of the attacks (along with all other news agencies, all government agencies, all scientists, and virtually all of the known world). The even more stupid theory that the Sandy Hook shooting never happened, managed to capture the popular media attention thanks to the reports and photographs expressed by conspiracy theorists. Any pixel in a picture that appears in the wrong place proves to have been altered with Photoshop, and any inappropriate word in a news story is proof of a cover-up.

So what if people believe in crazy things here and there?

Whats your take on all this??  Leave a comment below..




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