San Juan – The day of protests in different parts of the metropolitan area ended with arrests.

The second national strike of this four-year period ended yesterday with 19 arrests and several people injured in incidents of violence, but also with a strong message of rejection of the austerity measures promoted by the government and the Fiscal Oversight Board (JSF).

Like last year, the Golden Mile , in Hato Rey, was the space where eight union, student and civil organizations converged, which had started their protests in different parts of the metropolitan area.

The demonstrators, who commemorated International Workers’ Day , denounced on multiple occasions the “complicity between the government and the Junta” to make way for measures that reduce labor rights, such as payment for unjustified dismissal, Christmas bonus and reduction of holidays and sick leave, both in the private and public sectors.

They also expressed their rejection of the reduction in the payment for pensioners, the closing of public schools, “educational vouchers” program and charter schools, as well as the transfer of inmates to be sent to prisons in the United States .

“They want to dismantle our University (of Puerto Rico), but we will not allow it. These people of the Junta and the government are doing this because they know that an educated people is a threat to a corrupt political system. And they are afraid! That’s why it’s no longer an option, we have to fight, ” said a student movement youth, Veronica Lugo, who criticized the rise in the cost of undergraduate credits from $ 56 to $ 115, which will come into effect in August.


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