Spanish journalist Pilar Rahola said that ISIS ‘threats to any major sporting event, such as the 2018 World CupRussia, “is absolutely credible.”

“The threat to any major sporting event is absolutely credible because it is at the base of the new jihadism,” Rahola told Marcelo Longobardi of CNN “.

Rahola assured that jihadism has mutated.

“The phenomenon of jihad as we knew it, that of the major attacks with much preparation and logistics … all these major attacks were part of the old jihadism that was based on clandestine, interrelated, hierarchical cells …”, he said.

The journalist said that the new jihadism “is enormously intelligent and knows us very well”.

Rahola referred to Sed Marian, who, he said, is a theoretician of the “new jihadism.”

The journalist said that the first attack of this phenomenon was the one perpetrated in the Boston Marathon, in April 2013.

“If you attack leisure,” said Rahola, “you attack the principle of freedom”

“That’s freedom, freedom is not being afraid to do everyday things.”

Rahola also spoke about the president of the United States, Donald Trump, and mentioned the “three important issues” in which he has liked.

“The embassy in the capital of Israel in Jerusalem, who are we to argue that the capital of Israel is Jerusalem?” He said as the first topic he liked about Trump.

“I liked it when he has squared (the leader) North Korean … We’ll see what comes out of there,” he said.

“And then the issue of Iran, I think the Barack Obama agreement has been a disaster.”

“Maybe it took the crazy man in the movie to do what the sane did not dare,” he said.



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