Crime-tape blocks all of Rancho Tehama Rd. within Red Bluff, California after a deadly shooting. (Chris Wick / CTN NEWS)

Students shot and injured in a grade school, government bodies point out that this was one of five criminal acts inside the same rural locations.

A number of shootings from numerous areas within North California eventually left 3 individuals dead and some wounded today Tuesday, November 17th, 2017, which includes students in an elementary school, government bodies reported.

The police killed this shooter, however it wasn’t very clear if those authorities counted it as one of the three fatalities.

Tehama County Asst Sheriff Phil Johnston informs a Television station within the town of Chico, that police officers are now looking into no less than 5 criminal activity scenes around the Rancho Tehama Reserve, located nearly 210 km to the north of Sacramento.

“It started around 8 a.m in the morning, a numerous of shots were fired within Rancho Tehama,” Johnston explained. “Which in turn developed into various other victims as well as more shots fired at and in the grade school. We are informed at this time that the assumed shooter was actually killed by police bullets, that’s just what I’m told.”

Jeanine Quist, the admin assistant with Corning Union Elementary School District, explained no-one had been killed in the school from kindergarten through 5th graders, however, that a “number” of pupils have been shot and injured.

Johnston stated the institution has been cleared by about 10 a.m., however he was lacking or refused to share any details about the victims at this time.

“About three individuals were receiving treatment in a medical center within Redding, located some Eighty km to the north of this shootings”, the Mercy Medical Center representative Marcy Miracle explained. She turned down to supply additional information regarding the actual victims or even their particular injury.




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