Golf player Tiger Woods explained Mon that he had completed a clinical program soon after getting charged when authorities located him sleeping on the steering wheel of his automobile in Florida as a result of prescription medication use.

“I recently carried out a rigorous private program,” Woods explained in the Twitter account, providing no additional details.

Woods had ingested an unhealthy combination of a sedative for anxiety as well as sleeping disorders and an opioid when he was charged a couple of hours later on May 29 in Jupiter (Florida).

“I will continue to deal with this with my medical professionals, friends and family, and i’m really grateful for the support I have received,” Woods mentioned.

The sportsperson said previously that he was receiving professional guidance to deal with prescription drugs employed for lower back pain and sleep issues.

Woods had a mixture of two prescribed drugs in his system that federal medical officials suggest not to take with each other, in accordance with the medical document.

As well as the powerful analgesic Vicodin, the player had ingested Xanax, an anxiety medication

Woods ended up arrested for driving a car presumably intoxicated by toxic substances, alcoholic beverages as well as marijuana .


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